Winning Strategies

NSE Central is an independent investment research group consistently delivering winning trade strategies for NSE stocks and derivatives. We manage our own funds and we publish the researched ideas for others to benefit. NSE Central list various profitable trade strategies, but site will not recommend specific picks. Users are free to use the information and tools presented in this site to analyze the trends and select a strategy. For Pair Trading and Trend Trading, we publish in real time any trade entered and exited. 

NIFTY Option Strategies  
Option are the most versatile trading instruments which provide high leverages approach to trading.
Combining different option types, strike prices enables us to device strategies for various market conditions. 
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Pairs Trading
Pairs Trading involves trading of securities in pairs. The instruments that constitute the pair 
are those whose prices tend to move together. But due to various factors affecting the pricing of securities, 
the prices diverge. Pairs trading makes use of this anomaly in the relationship between these two securities.


Trend Trading  
 Primary aim of trend trading is to capture the bulk of major moves in trending stocks.  This is  a very disciplined field where decision making is purely based on trend analysis and not based on emotions or intuitions. We do not enter a trade hoping that the price movement will eventually move in our favor. 

In trend trading, trade positions are entered only after the trend has begun and exited before the trend concludes
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Market Outlook  

 You can predict the market direction using very reliable technical indicators and moving averages of the daily closing prices. This will help to figure out if the market is strongly or weakly bullish, range bound or strongly or weakly bearish. You can time the buying and selling decisions based on this. The charting data presented here is for Nifty index.  
    One can use the same method to predict individual stock movements as well as other indices
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A word of caution: All trading ideas presented here carry substantial risk related to markets movements. NSE Central is not responsible for any trade positions entered by visitors of this site.